World’s First Sunglasses Made With Chips Packets In India – It’s Impressive

While we thoroughly enjoy munching on delicious crunchy chips, we are also well aware that the empty pack will probably end up in a dumping ground or in our precious water bodies. Plastic has been deemed non-biodegradable, which means it is almost impossible to recycle it. Plastic waste has always been a cause of concern for the environment decline, but in a pioneering move, an Indian company has now found a way to recycle chips packets into as fascinating as sunglasses. Yes, all those discarded packets of chips, chocolates and milk packets will no longer be blamed for rising pollution and climate change. In fact, they will be used again, this time in style. 

Ashaya, a Pune-based company made the novel breakthrough in their small laboratory after two years of research. They found a way to cut through the multi-layer plastic (MLP) and recycle chips packets into trendy sunglasses which are UV-polarised, durable and comfortable. 

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Anish Malpani, the founder of the startup shared a video on Twitter revealing the entire process of turning MLP into sunglasses. “This has been the hardest thing I have ever been a part of. Finally: Presenting the world’s first recycled sunglasses made from packets of chips, right here in India!” he wrote in the caption. 

Watch it here: 

In another post, Malpani shared that through this technology, they will also create coasters, besides sunglasses, from flexible packaging materials. What’s more impressive is the fact that the revenue earned from the sales will be used to give the waste pickers and their families a better life.  

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“This multi-layered plastic waste is considered impossible to recycle with close to 0% being recycled globally. 80% of ALL ocean leakage is flexible plastic packaging. It’s honestly the worst,” Malpani shared in another post.  

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Thanks to this initiative, we probably won’t feel too bad the next time we open a pack of chips. 

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