Woman Orders ‘Veg’ Meal From Zomato; See What She Receives Instead


How often do you order food from outside? Whether you are a student or a working professional, there are times when you rely on food delivery apps to satiate your cravings. This allows you to relish your favourite dish within the comfort of your house. Sometimes, you also tend to order food to break free from the monotonous meals cooked every day at home. But have you ever received the wrong order from Zomato? Well, how did you feel about it? Did you reach out to Zomato expecting them to solve the issues? Yes, all this can be extremely annoying. We touched upon this topic because a woman who recently got furious after receiving a wrong delivery shared a post on Twitter.

Nirupama Singh, who ordered veg food from Zomato, ended up receiving non-veg food. Sharing the ordeal, she dropped a video showcasing the gravy-laden dish on her plate, which looks like a piece of chicken. The clip featured a spoon breaking the chunk served on a plate. Mentioning the food delivery platform in the caption, Nirupama stated, “Hi Zomato, ordered veg food and got all non veg food. 4/5 of us were vegetarians. What is this service, a horrible experience.”   

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Take a look at the post:

The video has crossed 581.1K views on Twitter and has received 675 likes up till now. 

Zomato apologised in the comment section and assured her that the required investigation will be done. “Hi Nirupama, we sincerely apologise for this mishap. Please share your registered phone number over a private message for us to investigate this further.”

In support of Zomato, a user stated, “While Zomato is responsible for delivery, it’s 99% the restaurant’s fault. Too sad this mess-up is still.”

Terrified with Nirupama’s experience, a few called it a “worst nightmare”

A person stated, “By looking at the plate, you almost finished your food and then put this on Twitter.”

Some wondered how Zomato was responsible for this.

“When one becomes a middleman, they also take on the liabilities of the end parties. If you get a bad product from amazon, whoever is the seller, you’d complain to amazon. eBay mediates all issues wrt items sold on their platform. For an errant party on zomato platform, operator is supposed to take remedial actions going as far as deplatforming as well,” a comment read.

A user wrote, “In any other western country this is enough to sue them for damages and claim money”

Have you faced a similar situation in life? Share your experience with us in the comments below.  

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