What Is Blue Curacao? 5 Fun Cocktails To Make With This Syrup

Have you often spotted people sporting attractively blue drinks at parties and in pictures? These eye-catching concoctions seem almost magical in the way they sparkle in the light. We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no magic here. Just the presence of what is known as blue Curacao – the ingredient responsible for not only the brilliant colour but also the tangy taste of most of these cocktails. Blue Curacao reminds us of summer – sitting at the poolside or seaside, blissfully sipping on a refreshing drink. Nothing spells relaxation better than a fun, colourful cocktail. Summer may not yet be here, but that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy a good drink. Read on to learn more about blue curacao and how you can use it at home.

Curacao is a must-try for cocktail lovers. Photo Credit: iStock

What is Blue Curacao?

Curacao is a liqueur made from dried peels of laraha, a type of bitter orange. This citrus fruit originates from Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island located around 65 km north of the coast of Venezuela. While the liqueur comes in many colours including red, orange, green, and amber, the blue variety is the most popular. This blue is the result of adding an artificial colouring to the otherwise orange-flavoured liquid.
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Which cocktails contain Blue Curacao?

Blue Curacao can be used to make a variety of cocktails. One of the most famous drinks is Blue Hawaii, a rum-and-vodka-based cocktail made with blue curacao and pineapple juice. Blue Margarita is another crowd favourite made by substituting Cointreau or Triple Sec with the blue liqueur. You may have also heard of the Blue Lagoon cocktail, which contains vodka, lemonade and blue curacao.
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The Blue Hawaii Cocktail is a classic Curacao drink. Photo Credit: iStock

How to make a drink with Blue Curacao?

Like all liqueurs, Blue Curacao has a certain degree of alcohol content. Hence, don’t go overboard while using it. It also has a distinct type of tangy bitter taste that needs to be balanced properly. To make things simpler, we have put together a short list of the easiest cocktails you can make at home using Blue Curacao.

Here are 5 unique recipes for curacao drinks that are sure to dazzle:

1. New Zealand Delight

To make this fun cocktail, blend fresh kiwi with castor sugar and lime. This forms the first layer of the drink. To make the top layer, blend curacao with lime and honey. You can garnish it with an orange slice to create some contrast.
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2.Blue Eyes

The Blue Eyes cocktail contains vodka, lime juice, sugar, pineapple juice, blue curacao syrup and triple sec. Usually served in a pilsner glass, it looks best when garnished with pineapple and cherries.
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3. Island Affair

The Island Affair cocktail is an enticing combination of flavours. To make this drink, first, fill a shaker with ice. After squeezing a lime wedge, drop it into the shaker. Add white rum, coconut liqueur and litchi crush into it. Shake, pour into a glass and then add blue curacao. Top with soda and sprite, half and half each. Don’t forget to float dark rum over the ice.
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4. Fruit Tingle

The Fruit Tingle cocktail is a subtle yet enjoyable drink. In order to make this cocktail, fill a hurricane or hi-ball glass with ice. Add blue curacao along with lemonade and lightly stir the mixture. Add orange juice and top up with soda.
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5. Rangeela

While this drink is not strictly curacao-based, it would definitely look incomplete without a blue component. The Rangeela cocktail is made using rum, mango, grenadine, sugar with a tang of lime, and finally, Blue Curacao on top. While making this drink, you need to pay attention to the order in which the ingredients are meant to be added.
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Rangeela would be incomplete without the final blue layer. Photo Credit: iStock

Blue Curacao is a fantastic addition to any cocktail. Have you tasted any drink with it yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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