“Wear Your Cake And Eat It Too,” Switzerland Baker Makes Wearable Cake Dress


There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy cakes. Whether we are in a celebratory mood or not, cakes have always been our go-to choice for all things sweet and yummy. If you explore, you will find various interesting (and bizarre) cakes that look like human face, fruit, computer, lipstick and more. The experimentation does not end here. Surprisingly, a Switzerland baker, named Natasha Coline Kim Fah Lee Fokas, made a cake that was fashioned as a wearable wedding dress. Yes, that’s right! The cake is titled the world’s largest wearable cake weighing 131.15 kilograms. It was unveiled at the Swiss World Wedding fair on January 15 in Bern. Not only this, the portions of this cake were served to the guests who visited the fair.

Now, do you feel curious to know the motive behind trying something so unusual? Well, Natasha runs a bakery, named ‘SweetyCakes’, that specialises in making custom cakes. She baked this huge cake in an attempt to make the Guinness World Record for making the largest wearable cake dress (supported).  

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In a video, shared by the official Instagram handle of the Guinness World Records, a woman is seen wearing a white cake dress. Several people are also seen cutting pieces of cake from the dress. The video has received over a million views on the platform and has drawn various reactions from users.

“I am going to win! I will make my veil and the train of my dress longer but in a cake version,” a user wrote. Another commented, “What a cool and amazing idea”. One curious person asked, “She can walk in this dress?”

According to Guinness World Records, a model showed off the baker’s culinary skills. Some wheels were fitted at the bottom of the dress to allow more movement and distribute the weight of the dress equally. 

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Let us get into a detailed description of the cake. The lower part of the dessert was made using an aluminium frame and two metal bolts whereas, the top part of the delicacy was prepared using a mix of sugar paste and fondant. The dress skirt was also fitted with small boards that held the portions of the cake within them.

To make sure that the Guinness World Record stands valid, the cake should be a minimum of 68 kilograms and the model who wore it should be able to walk at least five meters (16 feet) while wearing it.

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