Watch: Hilarious Video Of ‘Unbreakable’ Paratha Served In Hostel; Internet In Splits

We can all agree that nothing defines comfort better than homemade food. Not only is it hygienic and nutritious but is also loaded with tonnes of love. Be it a wholesome bowl of dal and jeera rice or fresh and hot chapatis paired with chicken curry, these are the dishes that we miss the most when we are away from home. If you’ve ever lived in a hostel, you’ll agree that the food served over there usually lacks the taste, quality, and warmth of food that is prepared by our mothers. Recently, a woman shared a hilarious video in which she can be seen hitting the table with a paratha that was served in her hostel. The paratha seemed too sturdy to be eaten. Many hostellers found this video quite relatable and left hilarious comments.

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In the video, uploaded on Twitter, the woman shows the quality of the food served at her hostel. She takes a paratha and repeatedly hits a wooden table with it. But the paratha neither breaks nor bends. “Koi isko kaise khayega? (How will someone eat this)?” the person is heard saying. The caption read, “Hostel ka khana (hostel’s food).”

Since being shared, the video has garnered over 60.2K views, 746 likes and several comments. Many people who’ve lived in a hostel could relate to the hilarious video.

One person asked if the paratha was from last night or two days ago.

To this, the user, who shared the video, said that it was served in breakfast and was made just an hour before she filmed the clip.

Another person joked, “Looks like your hostel has hired my cook”.

In a pun-filled comment, one user described the food as “Hammer roti, must be iron-rich

“Self-defence ke liye rakh lo (Keep it for self-defence),” a comment read.

One person said, “I feel lucky I haven’t been to the hostel”.

Most recalled their hostel days in the comments section. “Ah good old engineering days. Life was easy then,” a user commented.

What do you think of this video? Have you been in a similar situation? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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