Wait, What? This Croatian Restaurant Offers One Pot Meals Cooked By Robotic Chefs


The rapid advancement of technology has prompted us to think that robots might soon take over humans. While some of our day-to-day tasks have been automated, one thing that we still prefer to do manually, is cooking. Achieving the right blend of spices and ingredients to prepare a delicious dish is quite engaging and also serves as a hobby and profession for some. Most eateries employ skilled chefs to serve delicious dishes, but one eatery in Croatia’s Zagreb has taken a different approach. The restaurant serves one pot meals that are prepared by robotic cookers following recipes designed by human chefs. Yes, you heard it right.

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The robotic restaurant named BOTS&POTS Sci-Food bistro offers everything from risotto and tortilla to pasta and prawns. According to the bistro, it is the first restaurant in the world where a robot is tasked with cooking dishes. The robot named GammaChef is capable of making different meals using a digital recipe curated by a human chef. According to the restaurant’s website, you can enjoy prawn pasta, lamb risotto, prawn risotto, seafood curry, octopus goulash, tortillas and sweet pork with gnocchi dishes, all made by the robot. Take a look:

The co-owner of the robotic bistro, Hrvoje Bujas, claims that while other restaurants too have employed robots for stir-frying chips, making pizzas, and delivering meals, no robot “makes a one pot meal from fresh food “ like their GammaChef, reported Reuters

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Bujas said it was a challenge to prepare ready-to-eat meals with fresh food in the shortest time while making sure that the dish turns out well. He shared that five robot cookers can prepare four meals in 15 minutes or 100 meals in an hour, the report added.

With the meals prepared by a robotic chef, the restaurant provides the exact cooking time for every meal. It also claims that the robot can maintain the same taste and quality for each dish that it makes.

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