Viral Video: Home Chef Makes Maggi Curd Pizza, Internet Says “Zeher Hi De Do”


Maggi and pizza, both the dishes are immensely loved by people of all age groups. Maggi is our go-to food when we want a quick and delicious meal for our growling tummy. Pizza is for all those times when we want to indulge ourselves with a cheesy delight. But what if we told you that someone ate both these dishes together? A home chef came up with this innovative idea to combine the two foods to make Maggi pizza! But the strange recipe is not going down well with the internet.

The recipe video of Maggi pizza was posted on Instagram channel “Raksha ki Rasoi” and it has gone viral now. The video shows the entire making of the bizarre dish. The home chef first fries the instant noodles and crushes it to tiny pieces. She prepares batter of sooji, curd and coriander leaves with seasonings, and throws in Maggi pieces into it. She then cooks the mixture in a pan to make pizza base. Then she spreads pizza sauce with mayonnaise and cheese on the base and bakes it with vegetable toppings.

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Watch the viral video here:

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While the pizza looks not too bad once it is finished, but after watching what all went into making it, the viewers are not ready to try it. With almost 9M views and over 2 lakh likes, the viral video received thousands of disappointed comments like:

“The unhealthiest recipe”
“Dislike ka option kidhar hai (Where is the dislike button)”
“It defeats the purpose of Instant noodles”
“Pov: When you don’t have recipe left still you need to share cringe recipe anyhow”
“Ye zehar to lunch time tak tyaar hoga (This poison will get ready by lunch time)”
“Behen., pizza milta hai Domino’s pe, Pizza Hut pe (You can get pizza from Domino’s and Pizza Hut)”
“Jeher hi de do (Give us poison only)”
“Didi aap zeher dalna bhoolgayi (You forgot to add poison)”
“Maggi be like: once upon a time I was only Maggi”
“Isse accha yo jehar de do (Give us poison instead)”

What do you think about this unusual creation?

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