Viral Indian “Home On Wheels” Includes Elaborate Kitchen With All Utensils And Groceries


Who doesn’t love long road trips? However, finding meals as per your taste is surely a task. In such scenarios, globetrotters often rest faith in packaged food. But let’s confess that is not the healthiest option out there. What’s the solution? Well, a video showing an Indian kitchen inside a car is making rounds on the internet. The clip was shared by an Instagram handle (@ghumakkad_bugz), who claims to run “India’s no.1-camper van channel” in their bio. So far the video has been played more than 3 million times.

In the video, a couple—Chikki and Kapil—give a tour of their ‘home on wheels’ in a car. The couple has modified their car in such a way that the back of their vehicle carries a full-fledged functioning kitchen. From drawers to shelves to big storage space, it has it all. They use a double-burner gas stove to cook delicious food while travelling. While one drawer carries all the spices, they use a deep rack to stack their utensils, while the other includes frequently used ingredients. To store it all in, they only have to give a slight push and all the racks get adjusted in their place. The video shows that this family of four goes on camping trips without having to stay at a hotel. This is because along with the kitchen, they have transformed the back seats into their queen size bed. The caption of the video read, “Our camper van tour.”

The video intrigued the internet about all the modifications the couple has done to their vehicle. Many wondered how much all this would have cost them, as a comment read, “Yeh customization karwane me kitna paisa lagta hai? [How much does such customization cost]?”
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Another read, “How much you spend for all this car setup?” A few users claimed that this modified vehicle is convenient for interstate and intercity trips, as a user said, “Van is convenient for city-to-city travelling.” Some wondered where they had installed their gas cylinders. “What about gas cylinders?” asked a user.

Many praised the idea, as another user said, “At least this is much better than having outside food.”
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