Vada Pav Ranked Among The Best Sandwiches In The World. See Full List


Even though vada pav is a specialty of Mumbai street food culture, this dish is popular all over India. And now it looks it has caught the fancy of the rest of the world too. Taste Atlas, a travel guide platform that showcases recipes, food reviews and presents research papers on food items, released its list of 50 “Best Sandwiches in the World”. And you guessed it right, vada pav is among the top sandwiches of the world. It has been ranked at the 13th position and has brought pride to the Indian cuisine.

Taste Atlas posted this list of 50 winner sandwiches on its official Twitter handle. It also shared a link to a list of 100 best sandwiches in the world. “All about 100 best-rated sandwiches in the world at the link,” it wrote in the caption.

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Take a look at the post:

On their website, Taste Atlas gave a brief description of vada pav as: “This iconic street food is said to have originated from a street vendor named Ashok Vaidya, who worked near the Dadar train station in the 1960s and 1970s. He thought of a way to satiate the hungry workers, and concluded that the ideal dish should be portable, affordable, and easy to prepare. Ashok made vada pav, and its popularity skyrocketed.”

Many other popular items appeared on the list. Tombik from Turkey topped the list with 1st rank. Cuban sandwich, avocado toast, French dip sandwich and more such delicious treats won their position in the list.
The tweet has gone viral now with more than 3 million views. However, some people were disappointed to not see their favourite sandwiches on the list. The post has received comments like:
“Everyone knows the McDonalds’ steak, egg, and cheese bagel is the greatest sandwich of all time.”
“No French jambon beurre….? I can’t take this seriously.”
“I cannot believe a green Chile cheeseburger is not on the list!”
“Here we have Chacarero and Barros Luco from Chile, best sandwiches worldwide. So, update and improve your list. Regards.”

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Are you also happy to see your beloved vada pav on this list like we are?

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