This Dahi Cucumber Salad Is A Healthy Addition To Your Lunch Menu


Salad is a staple in every meal we have. Unfortunately, it goes unnoticed most of the time. In India, no thali seems complete without some cucumber, onion and tomato by the side. But we fail to give this hearty dish its due credit. Right? Now, if you notice carefully, you will find every ingredient used in a desi salad bowl has a crucial role to play (in your meal experience). Cucumber helps cleanse your palate, while tomato balances the spice level of the sabzi. Then you have onion, lemon and chilli – each of which adds that zing to the meal. The role of a salad bowl doesn’t end here. Besides elevating your meal experience, it enriches you with healthy properties too. Salad is full of nutrition. It loads you up with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and also helps you stay hydrated. What fascinates us the most is the variety you get in a salad recipe!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach towards making a salad – you can throw in any vegetable and seasoning as per your choice. In fact, every household has its unique salad mix. Here, we bring you one such salad recipe that is simple, quick and includes not more than five ingredients. It’s a comforting bowl of dahi cucumber salad.

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About Dahi Cucumber Salad:

As the name suggests, this salad includes dahi and cucumber, along with some basic spices to enhance the taste. Much like cucumber raita, it has an uncomplicated flavour profile and can be paired with any dish you want. The only difference between cucumber raita and cucumber dahi salad is the texture. While raita has a thick, gravy-like consistency, salad remains somewhat dry. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of this healthy salad.

5 Health Benefits Of Dahi Cucumber Salad:

Prevents Dehydration:

Cucumber is made up of 95 percent water, which makes it super hydrating. It eliminates toxins from the body and keeps you healthy from the inside. On the other hand, dahi is also known to be a great source of water and some essential vitamins and minerals, preventing dehydration.

Promotes Weight Loss:

Both cucumber and dahi are high in fibre and loaded with antioxidants. Cucumber is low in calories too. All these properties make the salad a perfect dish to add to your weight loss diet.

Promote Digestion:

Dahi’s probiotic content helps promote healthy gut bacteria, which in turn aids digestion, metabolism and overall gut health. It also helps prevent issues like indigestion, acidity and heartburn.

Manages Blood Pressure:

Both dahi and cucumber are loaded with protein, fibre, potassium and magnesium, making the dish ideal for managing the body’s blood pressure level. This further helps promote heart health.

Nourishes Skin And Hair:

Both cucumber and dahi are known to be complete beauty foods. Both ingredients are loaded with properties that help boost faster hair growth and reduce tanning effects on the skin. It also slows down the skin’s ageing process.

How To Make Dahi Cucumber Salad:

To make this dish, you need half a cup of dahi, a bowl of sliced cucumber, some green chillies, coriander and pink salt to taste.

All you need to do now is, throw in all the ingredients together, mix and indulge fresh. You can also add onion and honey for added texture and flavour. Click here for the dahi cucumber salad recipe.

Make it today and pair it with your lunch for a wholesome meal. For more such healthy salad recipes, click here.

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