The Best Construction and Building Block Toys for gifting your kids.

Considered a classic toy by experts, parents, and teachers, construction and building block toys unlock many skills for kids. From improving brain development to enhancing language growth, building blocks can help a child exercise a range of developmental skills.

Plus, blocks are fun solo activity or with friends and offer an important alternative to screen time.

Bloc Karoo Magnetic Foam Building Blocks

Fun for younger kids, these super-soft foam building blocks have magnets inside of them, so it’s very easy for them to build amazing structures. Clicking together like magic, kids will appreciate the multi-sensory experience as the blocks lock together and rotate 360 degrees. Even better, the foam is waterproof, so these blocks can join your kiddo in the bathtub for an extra fun bath. These blocks are dishwasher safe, mild-resistant, and very durable.

 Age Recommendation: 18 months old+

 Number of Pieces: 17 pieces;

 Materials: Foam

Classic Large Creative Brick Box

If your kids are LEGO-curious, this creative brick box is a perfect starter set for beginners or younger kids. With nearly 800 bricks that all fit into the included storage box, this colourful set includes base plates, tires, windows, doors, and tons of colourful bricks of all sizes.

 It keeps kids of all ages busy for years to come. This open-ended set is a wonderful way to encourage creativity without kids needing to build the blocks a certain way to comply with LEGO set instructions. Of course, these bricks are all compatible with other LEGO sets.

Age Recommendation: 4 years old+

Number of Pieces: 790; Sets vary

Materials: Plastic

Wooden Building Blocks

Uniquely shaped, this set from family-run HABA is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids. Part building, part tangrams, these blocks are fun for open-ended building and creative challenges. Crafted in Germany, the blocks also come with a booklet that showcases a wide range of 2D and 3D designs you can make with the blocks.

Besides being fun, these minimalistic blocks look attractive stacked on a coffee table or desk.

Age Recommendation: 3 years old+

Number of Pieces: 21

Materials: Beech wood

Picasso Tiles 100 Piece Set

Fun and affordable, the main selling point of these blocks are they promote frustration-free building. If you’ve lived with kids who get very upset when their tower falls down, give Picasso Tiles a try!

Made with a bristle shape, the blocks are easy to connect and disconnect. Picasso Tiles stay connected when other blocks relying just on balance wouldn’t hold. With a wide range of colours and block shapes, this STEM toy will promote creative thinking, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.

Age Recommendation: 3 years old+

Number of Pieces: 120

Materials: Plastic

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks 100-Piece Set

Durable and safe, these wood blocks come in four different colours and nine shapes, so there’s plenty of variety for building, stacking, and playing. Though they are made of solid wood, the blocks are lightweight, have rounded edges, and feature a smooth painted finish that won’t splinter.

The set packs into a cardboard box with a plastic handle. The only complaint among families is that while they do fit, the cardboard may not hold up forever, so a long-term storage alternative is helpful.

Age Recommendation: 3 years old+

Number of Pieces: 100

Materials: Wood

Consider LEGO to be the perfect gifting option for your near and dear ones, because LEGO leaves no stone unturned to build your kin’s future through the means of Blocks.

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