“Superb”: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reacts To Video Of Bill Gates Making Roti


Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates recently tried his hand at making roti leaving many on the Internet amused. His video of preparing the Indian bread with blogger and American chef Eitan Bernath went viral after being shared on social media. The clip has also caught the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who praised the billionaire and suggested him to try making millet dishes.


Bill Gates posted the video on his Instagram page where he is seen learning to make chapatti from Eitan Bernath. Calling it “superb”, PM Modi, in his Instagram Stories, wrote, “The latest trend in India is millets, which are known for being healthy.” He also advised Bill Gates to explore millet dishes and wrote, “There are many millet dishes too which you can try making”.

In the video, Bill Gates is seen making the dough for the roti by mixing wheat flour with water and salt in a bowl as Eitan Bernath guides him through each step. The billionaire then uses a spatula to mix the dough and shares that “it has been a long time” since he last cooked something and that he usually just heats up soups.

After preparing the dough, Bill Gates starts to flatten it using a rolling pin and ends up with an oval shaped roti. The duo then proceed towards the next step of cooking the roti on a pan where Bill Gates applies some ghee on the bread. Towards the end, the two are seen relishing the roti with some gravy. Eitan Bernath then asks if the rotis are “Bill approved?” to which the philanthropist replies, “Very much!”

Many users reacted to the video and lauded Bill Gates’ attempt at making rotis.

“This is how you make Micro and Soft Roti,” a user said.  

Another person said, “Brilliant. Well done & also try litti chokha also. It’s delicious and I am sure you will not be disappointed”.

Eitan Bernath, in the video, also shared that he recently went to Bihar and visited a wheat farm there and learned to make rotis.

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