Siddharth Anand explains how Pathaan has a touch of Hollywood films


Siddharth Anand reacts to Pathaan being compared to Hollywood films
Siddharth Anand reacts to Pathaan being compared to Hollywood films 

Pathaan came out in cinemas on January 25 and ever since comparisons have been made that the film is similar to Hollywood films. About which, director Siddharth Anand have things to say. 

In an interview with Gulf News, Siddharth called these conclusions ‘inevitable’ and said, “That’s inevitable, when you make a film that’s beyond the conventions of Bollywood films. You’re instantly compared to Hollywood, which obviously has better infrastructure, better technology, and huger budgets. It will always seem like we’re trying to imitate that, but our limitations are much more. We also have ambitions, our directors have the ability to mount films, but we’re limited by reach because our films are made in one language, which is Hindi. Our revenues are directly proportional to the budgets we can afford.”

He further said, “I have to admit, I haven’t watched more than two MCU films. I’m not a fan of that genre. I’ve seen a couple of them. My son is a huge fan, and he’s an encyclopedia. He briefs me and keeps me up to date. I have to run my scripts and my sequences past him, and he’ll say, ‘No, dad, this is in that film. No, you can’t do this, this has already been done.’ I’m like, ‘What the hell do I do?’ So, I take ideas from him on how to manoeuvre things around. I think I should get on the bandwagon and start watching those films, so that there’s no overlap.”


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