Shraddha Kapoor’s Birthday Celebration Has Drool-Worthy Cakes


Shraddha Kapoor is on cloud nine. Reason? It’s her birthday today! The actress, who is gearing up for her next release Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar, turns 36 today. Apart from the wishes flowing in from her family members, friends and fans, there’s something more that caught our attention. Can anyone guess? Okay, let us give you a hint. The answer has a foodie twist to it. Yes, mouth-watering birthday cakes, of course!  Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion, cakes double the joy of celebration. Don’t you agree? Shraddha also cut three super delectable cakes. To keep her fans updated, the actress shared a happy picture of herself on Instagram giving a sneak peek into the celebration. The image also featured three sumptuous cakes. Wondering which ones? Let us help you with that.
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Photo Credit: Instagram/ @shraddhakapoor

The first one to grab our attention is a lip-smacking, gorgeous white vanilla cake topped with cream and blueberries. It also had a “Happy Birthday” topper tucked into it. Right next to it, we could see a yummy chocolate cake drizzled with whipped cream. It came with butterfly toppers and the quintessential “Happy Birthday” one. The third one looked like a pineapple fruit cake. Shraddha looked excited as she sat with her eyes closed smiling wide. For the caption, the actress added a message for her fans. She wrote, “Happy Birthday wish karo mujhe but kuch alag creative style mein (Now, wish me “Happy Birthday” in creative styles),” with emojis.

Have you started craving cakes now? We have listed five drool-worthy cake recipes that you can try out at home. Yes, we have tried including cakes similar to what Shraddha enjoyed.
1) Vanilla sponge cake
You don’t know how to bake? Fret not. You can start with an easy and quick homemade vanilla sponge cake. It’s moist, fluffy, tasty and irresistible. Either have a slice of this after your usual meal or enjoy this with your evening cuppa. Recipe here.
2) Blueberry cake
Give your cake a yummilicious twist with berries. Yes, this blueberry cake may take some time but you have to be patient because good things take time. Right? Also, try using fresh berries for this instead of frozen ones to get the perfect flavour. Find the recipe here.
3) Chocolate cake
If you can’t do without chocolates, this can be your go-to choice. A chocolate cake is evergreen, appetising and works like heaven for dessert lovers. When you can’t think of anything else, let this be the safest option to go for. Chocolate cake can bring a smile to anyone’s face! Recipe here.
4) Pineapple cake
It’s always refreshing to bite into a slice of pineapple cake. Isn’t it? This makes for a perfect pick for all those who like fruit cakes. Do you know what is the best part of this delight? Those juicy chunks of pineapple assembled with cream between the layers. Aren’t you drooling already? Click here for the recipe.
5) Continental apple cake
Here’s another terrific dessert with a promising taste. Yes, apples can be used in a variety of delicacies including this sumptuous cake. Find the recipe here.  
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