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It won’t be wrong to say that tempting packets of chips and wafers have always made our eyes glow. During our childhood, it used to be hard not to look at those treats and plead our parents to buy us some, while walking past a local shop. Feeling nostalgic, right? The snacks would always leave us asking for more given the delicious taste they offer. But, one thought that has crossed all our minds at some point is how much chips do we get for the price we pay. A person recently tried to analyse it and shared the results on Reddit. In photos of the experiment, the person shows a packet of Kurkure Solid Masti Twisteez, which is priced at Rs 10, and pours it in a bowl. He then measures the weight of the chips using an electronic scale, which turns out to be 24 grams.

Now, it’s time for the verdict! In the next picture, the person turns around the packet to show that the net weight of the snacks is 25 grams. It is also seen that the chips cost Rs 0.40 per gram, implying that there were less chips in the packet than there should have been.

“What 10 Rupees Kurkure Solid Masti gives you,” the caption of the post read. Find the complete post below:

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The post resonated with many on the platform and drew various reactions. “So that’s just 1 gram of air. 24 grams of Kurkure. Myth debunked,” a user wrote.

“Are you showing off your new scale to us? Everyone knows you pay Kurkure for the packaged air, certainly not the food,” a comment read.

One person asked, “Are you mad about 1g missing?”

“Try Haldiram’s soya sticks. Tastes better and also has more quantity,” a user suggested.

A person said, “If this is surprising to you, then I will recommend you to stay away from Lay’s”.

“Some 4-5 years ago the quantity of solid masti was much greater than now (as much as I can remember),” another wrote.

Have you ever experimented with a packet of chips at home? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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