Rakul Preet Singh preaches ‘Don’t let stress rule you’

Rakul Preet Singh addresses college students, asks them not to let stress get to them 

Rakul Preet Singh appeared at a college for a talk and she preached that no one should let stress rule them. She gave some words to some enlightening thoughts for students. She addressed a crowd of students and made sure to give them the much needed motivation.

She said in her address, “We take undue stress in life and don’t need to do that. I was also once a college goer like you and now I can say that we take too much stress related to exams and other things. Life has way more challenges ahead! At every stage of life, you feel that your problems are the biggest but it’s not like that. Much later one realizes that problems were not as big as you made them out to be. I think you can live a good life without stress!”

She further added, “Yes, I have bunked classes but I’m not promoting it. Whatever classes I used to attend, I did so with full sincerity and used to get good marks, and I was favorite of my teachers.”

She concluded with, “Students connect with issues very well if they are explained logically. I will say they are aware but these conversations need to go to second tier cities and rural areas. In fact, we need to have more films on sex-education as it is a matter of women’s health.”

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