Queen Elizabeth II ‘sarcastically’ gave Harry permission to marry Meghan Markle


Queen Elizabeth gave a quirky answer to Prince Harry as he took permission to marry Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex asked for Her Majesty’s permission to tie the knot with the ‘Suits’ star and when the former monarch gave out a positive response, Harry confesses his state of shock.

“I squinted. You feel you have to say yes? Does that mean you are saying yes? But that you want to say no? I didn’t get it. Was she being sarcastic? Ironic? Deliberately cryptic? Was she indulging in a bit of wordplay? I’d never known Granny to do any wordplay, and this would be a surpassingly bizarre moment (not to mention wildly inconvenient) for her to start, but maybe she just saw the chance to play off my unfortunate use of the word “have” and couldn’t resist?”

Harry then asked himself: “Or else, perhaps there was some hidden meaning beneath the wordplay, some message I wasn’t comprehending? I stood there squinting, smiling, asking myself over and over: What is the Queen of England saying to me right now? At long last I realized: She’s saying yes, you muppet! She’s granting permission. Who cares how she words it, just know when to take yes for an answer. So I sputtered: Right. OK, Granny! Well. Fabulous. Thank you! Thank you so much.”


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