Prince William, King Charles won’t give in to Prince Harry and Meghan


Prince William, King Charles wont give in to Prince Harry and Meghan

King Charles III and Prince William have ‘no intention’ of making apology to Prince Harry even though the Duke does not accept the invitation to attend the Coronation.

The Duke of Sussex is said to want an apology from his father Charles and elder brother William after making a number of claims about the senior royals in his memoir Spare

The Prince of Wales and Britain’s new monarch have not intention to give in to Meghan Markle’s husband Prince Harry as they have turned a deaf ear to the Duke’s demand.

The 74-year-old King is busy in preparations for his landmark event, and has no time to waste on Harry’s ‘illogical’ demand, an insider has told.

The King’s historic event will take place on Saturday 6 May, but there is a huge question mark over whether or not Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will attend the ceremony as relations between them and the rest of the Royal Family hit an all-time low.


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