Pizza In UK Costs 20 Pounds. A Trip To Italy For A Slice Cost Him Less

Pizza is and will always be the ultimate comfort food for all. This cheesy delight wins our heart in every single bite. And let’s agree, we often travel to the farthest of the eateries in town to enjoy our favourite pizza. But it seems, a man from the United Kingdom took his love for pizza a step ahead. He literally travelled to a new country to have a slice of pizza. You heard us. Identified as Callum Ryan, the person flew from the United Kingdom to Italy to save money on a pizza meal. He also said that the trip was worthwhile!

Reportedly, Callum Ryan decided to travel all the way to Italy after noticing that the delivery fee on a Domino’s Pizza order in the UK was way too high. He took a challenge to visit Italy and have pizza, while saving more money. And guess what, he documented it all on Instagram.

“I set myself a challenge to fly all the way to Italy and buy myself a pizza cheaper than the price of Domino’s,” he said in the video. He went on to explain that his desired medium pizza at Domino’s costs around 19 British pounds and 99 cents (approx. Rs. 2000), without the delivery charge. Hence, he wanted to check if he could make the whole trip (to Milan) within that tight budget.

In the next part of the video, Ryan explained, he bought a last-minute flight ticket for just eight pounds. He then went to a pizzeria in Milan, where he had pizza (along with table service) for 11 Euros or about 9 Pounds 72 cents. This means he paid just a total of 17 Pounds and 72 Cents (approx Rs. 1585) for the complete trip. Sounds surprising, isn’t it?!

“Do you think the pizza was worth the trip? I can’t believe how close it was,” he captioned the Reel. Watch it here:

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The video, in no time, grabbed attention on the internet and people reacting to it with interesting comments. “I want more of this!!!”

“This is the stupid I really want to do,” a comment read. Another person stated, “Dear friend, I advise you to repeat your experiment. But come to Naples, which is the homeland of pizza. You’ve never eaten anything tastier… and believe me, you’ll pay much less.”

What are your thoughts on this unique experiment? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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