‘People Hate Me, Working 80 To 100 Hours A Week’, Says Sachin Bansal As He Scales Up Navi – News18


Following the success of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal has shifted his focus to his fintech venture, Navi. Despite exiting Flipkart, now under Walmart’s ownership, Bansal is deeply committed to steering Navi, his fintech startup. With assets under management (AUM) surpassing Rs 7,500 crore, Navi is steadily making its mark in the financial sector.

During an interview with Moneycontrol, Bansal revealed his full dedication to the financial services company, stating that he devotes 80 to 100 hours per week, including weekends, to its operations.

Established in 2018, Navi, akin to numerous other enterprises, adopted remote work arrangements amidst the pandemic. However, Bansal emphasises that this measure was only temporary.

The IIT-Delhi graduate is fully engrossed in overseeing Navi, to the extent that he has ceased his activities as an angel investor. Instead, he channels all his energy and time into his latest venture.

According to Bansal, remote work is no longer accommodated at the startup. While acknowledging that some team members might resent his stance and the long hours he dedicates each week, Bansal clarifies that he doesn’t anticipate his colleagues to match his workload, despite the expectation for everyone to work from the office.

“We were very clear that we want to be work-from-office. Working from home was a temporary phenomenon in my mind. It was never a permanent one. We are 100 percent working from the office. Zero work from home,” he told Moneycontrol.

“Yeah, I have completely stopped,” he said. “I am completely immersed here. Spending a lot of time in the office, almost weekends also.”

“Sometimes people hate me for that. First is there is no work from home and then you must come on weekends also, but yeah, I am spending like 80-100 hours a week,” said Bansal.

“I mean, I don’t expect others to do it,” the founder of Flipkart clarified. “But I am spending a lot of time. Because business is such an exciting space right now. It requires a lot of attention to small details.”


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