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The evening explored the concepts presented in Dr. Jag Singh's book 'Future Care' and honoured his exceptional achievements to medicine.

The evening explored the concepts presented in Dr. Jag Singh’s book ‘Future Care’ and honoured his exceptional achievements to medicine.

In honour of Prof. Dr. Jag Singh’s innovative contributions to the field of artificial intelligence, an evening of appreciation and conversation was held in Mumbai on February 23, 2024.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more integrated into our lives as a whole and mankind is growing to appreciate these advances. Healthcare is one area in which AI holds the potential to bring about substantial changes. In honour of the visionary achievements made by Prof. Dr. Jag Singh in this field, Mumbai hosted an evening of felicitation and conversation on February 23, 2024.

AI in medicine has been pioneered by Dr. Jag Singh, a respected professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the former clinical chief of the Massachusetts General Hospital’s cardiology division. His ground-breaking work in the Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics Programme and Resynchronization has not only revolutionised patient care but also opened the door for further advancements.

The focus of the event was to explore Dr. Jag Singh’s ‘Future Care’ vision and honour his outstanding contributions to medicine. During this interactive discussion, attendees got the chance to hear directly from the author and gain insight into how artificial intelligence could shape healthcare in the future.

This effort, which was hosted by the URMITEJ FOUNDATION, aimed to recognize Dr. Jag Singh as a true visionary whose work crossed boundaries and served humanity in real ways. A welcoming statement by Dr. Singh, an interactive session, closing remarks, and the distribution of author-autographed volumes as mementos to a few chosen guests round out the evening’s schedule.

Speaking in the evening, Dr. Jag said that “The talk was really to enhance awareness of how sensors and AI are going to change the world. I think for hospital systems and practices to change, the change has to come outside. It’s not always inside out. And I’m hoping that the awareness we created today through the talk will help facilitate that. It’s going to take a while for India. The reason for being here is because one of the things that is closest to my heart is health equity. And for health equity, we need to ensure that there is digital equity. And this process of education is to really bring awareness to the mainstream part of India so people can start thinking about it, talking about it, understanding its relevance in day-to-day practice and actually leading the change. Because I think India has the ability to lead the change.”

With AI poised to revolutionise healthcare, Prof. Dr. Jag Singh’s views provide important direction for navigating this rapidly changing landscape. This evening sure promised to inspire and educate everyone who wants to learn about how technology and medicine are interacting to shape our shared future, in addition to paying tribute to a very amazing person. And like Dr. Jag Singh quoted, “Maybe not in the next two to three years, but certainly within the next five years, you will have virtual assistants that will help you manage your disease states. And these will be disease-specific virtual assistants initially. Then they will expand into your day-to-day life in other aspects of care. So it’s definitely around the corner.”


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