Meghan Markle, Harry’s fans savage Kate Middleton for giving William a Red Carpet love tap

Prince William and Kate Middleton and turned heads with their chic chemistry during a walk on the BAFTAs Red Carpet, irking Harry and Meghan’s fans with their PDA-filled gesture.

The Princess of Wales sparked reactions with one of her sweet gesture to her husband, cheekily giving a love tap to Prince of Wales.

Meghan Markle, Harrys fans savage Kate Middleton for giving William a Red Carpet love tap

The moment, captured by Vogue, shows the pair sharing a giggle as they made their way into the venue but not before Kate took the time to show some affection to her husband.

The video was captioned: “Princess Kate gave Prince William a love tap as they arrived to the 2023 #BAFTAs, proving that royals really are just like us— a regular husband and wife that sometimes like to cop a feel.”

Royal fans lauded Kate for her love pat to William, but Harry and Meghan’s fans appeared slamming the royal couple for their gesture and dropped their anger in the comments section, with one saying: “She’s trying to hold his hand but he pulled away – greeted the press!”

Another reacted “Lol… just imagine if Meghan did this to Harry. The british tabloids will lose their minds.”

While another wrote: “It is impossible to like them after watching the Harry and Meghan documentary. Everyone in the Royal family used Meghan as a scapegoat to make themselves popular with the bullying press, so sad.”

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