King Charles mulls visiting Australia after Hugh Jackman’s shocking prediction about royal reign

King Charles III is considering to visit Sydney to offset the anti-monarchy campaign after actor Hugh Jackman has predicted that the “Australia will ditch British monarchy and become a Republic – inevitable.”

The X Men star told the BBC this weekend such a move would be “inevitable” and a “natural part of evolution.”

Meanwhile, some royal commentators and historians are also predicting that the leading Commonwealth nation will formally sever ties from the royal family.

The new monarch is being advised that his immediate visit to Australia could help him ease the ongoing tension.  However, Dr Cindy McCreery, Australian culture historian, has offered a temporary solution and suggested Britain’s new monarch’s tour could be just what the country needs.

He added: “I do think that some visits by senior royals like the King and Queen or the heir to the throne, would help.” 

“We had Champagne… there was no bunting at our house but if my dad could have found it there would have been.”

Hugh Jackman said that he had “no ill will” to any members of the British royal family, adding that he had met the late Queen Elizabeth on several occasions as well her son, now King Charles. I see and feel a real genuine desire to be of service to the public.” 

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