King Charles’ efforts for Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘are all in vain’


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently standing accused of treating everything as if its ‘not good enough’, reportedly.

This claim has been brought to light by Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, in an interview with GB News.

There, he claimed, “[The Queen] did so many things which are unprecedented to try and get them to fit into the Royal Family but in vain because it didn’t seem to be enough.”

“A £2million property on the royal estate at Windsor didn’t seem to be enough. Royal titles and jewels didn’t seem to be enough.”

“To bend over backwards and to take Meghan on her first engagement to Chester wasn’t enough, to offer Meghan the chance at having Sophie Wessex to mentor her on her royal programmes weren’t enough, to say to Meghan ‘you can continue acting if you like, if that’s what you want’, wasn’t enough.”

“Nothing seems to have been enough to make them want to stay, so I think to myself you can try all you like, if they were so minded to leave the Royal Family, which they were, nothing was going to persuade them to stay.”


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