Kate Middleton’s 2023 BAFTA look represents ‘a leaf out of the Queen’s guidebook’

Kate Middleton’s appearance at BAFTA ceremony on Sunday, February 19th, 2023, has caused quite a buzz in the headlines for her sartorial choices.

Many have lauded the Princess of Wales’ for her commitment to sustainable fashion as he opted for affordable accessories and upcyled a gown that she previously wore.

During an interview with the Mirror, Miranda Holder, a celebrity and royal fashion expert, Kate is a “genius” for her choice of look and represents that she can “take on whatever challenges [her new role] throws at her.”

“Kate’s striking red carpet look for the 2023 BAFTAs certainly created a style sensation,” said Miranda.

“The dramatic monochrome perfectly complemented William’s outfit, and the pair looked like a true power couple, completely at ease whilst mingling with the great and the good of the film industry.”

She added, “Since gaining the title of Princess of Wales, Kate’s style has evolved into something more refined and confident, as she takes on this new role with gusto, looking every inch our future Queen.”

She also said that “in comparison with previous BAFTA outfits, this look felt more grown up, even more polished and poised, showing us that Kate can take on whatever challenges the role throws at her.”

Miranda mentioned that the Princess’ “stark contrast of the black and white against the red carpet ensured that” she was taking “a leaf out of the Queen’s guidebook” as “her Majesty would always dress to be seen in a crowd, out of courtesy to the public.”

“This was Kate at her most confident and bold. The opera gloves were a daring choice and have divided opinions, but personally, I feel that they were a genius move.

“Evening gloves have featured on the runways at fashion week for the last couple of seasons, but have never really filtered down into the mainstream, rendering them a very fashion-forward and unusually avant-garde choice for Kate.”

As for the use of affordable earrings, which were floral rose gold dangling pieces retailing for $28, Miranda dubbed them as a “stroke of genius” since it made the royal seem more “confident” and “in touch” with the general public.

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