Karishma Tanna’s Latest Food Adventure Had A Mexican Twist


Who doesn’t love gorging on a lip-smacking pizza? This tasty dish is loaded with ingredients like vegetables, chicken and oodles of cheese. Pizza is the ultimate comfort food for so many people out there. Recently, actress Karishma Tanna too confessed her love for pizza. She reshared a video by makeup artist Vishakha Jain, in which the actress can be seen enjoying a slice of pizza. When someone asks, “Which pizza is this?” Karishma says, “Mexican pizza,” after taking a bit from a slice. She then adds, “I love it. Let me eat.” The video reads the text, “Pizza and that bod @karishmaktanna.”

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Are you craving some pizza too? Well, we have something interesting in store for you. Like Karishma Tanna, you can also binge on a delectable pizza at home. All you have to do is follow these amazing five pizza recipes. You can decide on one pizza of your choice and enjoy it at home.

1. Mexican Pizza

Let’s start the list with the kind of pizza Karishma Tanna just relished. This lovely Mexican pizza comes with a distinctive flavour. Because it’s Mexican, you can use soaked rajma for toppings. Don’t forget to prepare that special sauce and add lots of cheese. Find the recipe here.     

2. Vegetarian Pizza

This delightful treat carries the goodness of vegetables such as mushrooms, green and red bell peppers, and onions. The added benefit? It gets ready in just half an hour. All you have to do is get a readymade pizza base, spread tomato sauce and garnish it with vegetables. Add cheese all over and bake it. Recipe here.  

3. Roti Pizza

Give your usual roti a sumptuous Italian twist with this recipe. Yes, most of us love giving a desi spin to various delicacies. Do you have leftover rotis at home? Just make this classic pizza with basic ingredients and you will be amazed at its taste. Click here for the recipe.   

4. Healthy Paneer Pizza

If paneer is your go-to food item, you shouldn’t miss out on this delicious pizza. It’s easy to cook and equally healthy to binge upon. The wheat base and paneer (loaded with protein) make it a healthy affair. So, you can enjoy it guilt-free. Find the recipe here

5. Tandoori Chicken Pizza

You will fall in love with the taste of this scrumptious pizza if you like chicken. Tandoori chicken pizza is super tasty and often leaves you asking for more. You can make this at home while enjoying a movie or treat your friends whenever they come home. Recipe here.

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