Is There A Right Way To Eat A Samosa? Twitter Users Weigh In


We can all agree that samosas are stuffed, triangular snacks that are a sheer delight. Whether filled with aloo, peas, chana, palak or keema, they are one of the favourite snacks across regions and age groups. We enjoy samosas as a quick bite on the roadside, a must-have treat in cinemas and as part of different chaats. When the weather turns cold or rainy, nothing tastes better than a steaming cup of chai accompanied by freshly-fried samosas. But have you ever asked yourself if there was a right way to eat a samosa? Have you ever stopped to wonder if other people eat samosas differently than you?
Recently, a Twitter user (@DoctorAjayita) asked people what she called “a question of national importance.” She posted a picture of two samosas on a plate with ketchup and chutney, and labelled their peak and base as “top” and “bottom.” Her question was, “Do you start eating your Samosa from the top or bottom?” Here is the tweet with the image:

This simple poll caught the interest of many other users who began sharing their preferences. Here are some of their reactions (and their personal tips to enjoy a samosa):

“Break off the top so that it can be dipped the best way and then pick off the lower half and then use the dip with them.”

“I first break it, keep spicy aloo aside, eat the patty part with tamarind chutney, then EAT the spicy aloo with green chutney and tea along. Its heaven”

“Neither top nor bottom I cut the samosa in between then first I eat stuff in the samosa and save its outer part to enjoy it later (after eating stuff)”

“Full crush karke chutney dalke khata hu.”

“It is not an easy answer as you might think. You take the first bite from the bottom and then from top. Then you analyze which part you want to have as a last bite. And then plan your rest of the bites accordingly.”

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Are you craving samosas now? Do you ever analyze how you eat them? Let us know in the comments.

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