Hectic Day Ahead Of V-Day? 5 Easy-To-Make Valentines Day Snacks For Your Partner


It’s Valentine’s Day week and we are sure you are excited to celebrate it with your partner. But this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, so we understand how hectic it could get for you to express your admiration for your partner. While we do love bouquets and grand gestures on the day of love, sometimes it’s the little gestures that matter. If you are someone who is looking for easy-to-make snacks for your partner, which are equally romantic as those grand gestures, then fret not! We have combined a list of 5 easy-to-make snacks for your partner to make your day extra special.

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Heart-shaped sandwiches are easy-to-make and super romantic.

Heart-shaped sandwiches are easy to make and super romantic.
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Here Are 5 Easy-To-Make Valentine’s Day Snacks For Your Partner

1. Heart-shaped sandwiches

If you have a hectic day ahead of you, why not make some easy heart-shaped sandwiches for your partner? Heart-shaped sandwiches are an excellent way to express your affection for your partner. All you have to do is take bread slices and spread a generous layer of butter, green chutney, and sliced vegetables like cucumber and tomato. After the layering is done, take a heart-shaped cookie cutter and cut the bread sandwich into a heart shape. And it’s done! Toast the heart-shaped bread pieces for extra crunchiness!

2. Strawberry Lassi

Pink and romantic, Strawberry lassi is a refreshing Valentine’s Day beverage that you can make for your partner. To make strawberry lassi, you need fresh strawberries, yoghurt, honey, and ice cubes. Blend all the ingredients in a mixer until smooth and pour it into a tall glass. Top it with finely chopped strawberries and strawberry syrup and it’s ready to serve!

3. Rose Popsicle

Want to serve a romantic dessert? Why not make an easy rose popsicle with minimal ingredients? Rose popsicles are tasty and creamy, a perfect dessert to express your love to your partner. Mix rose syrup with milk and pour the mixture into popsicle moulds. Add chopped nuts and freeze until solid. And it’s done! Before serving, garnish with rose petals!

Rose popsicles are sweet and easy to make.

Rose popsicles are sweet and easy to make.
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4. Chocolate-dipped fruit skewers

Give a fruity twist to traditional kebab skewers with these romantic chocolate-dipped fruit skewers. These tasty fruit skewers require minimal ingredients and time and are super in taste. All you have to do is cut the desired fruits in half and thread them in a skewer. Now pour melted chocolate over them and make sure they are all covered in it. Once done, refrigerate the chocolate-dipped fruit skewer for 3-4 hours, and it’s done! 

5. Heart-shaped beet parathas

Want a make an easy romantic meal for your partner? Then make an easy heart-shaped beet paratha for them! These parathas are filling, nutritious and most importantly, pinkish-red in colour. Knead a soft dough and fill it with cooked beetroot filling. Roll it flat and before placing it on the pan, cut it into a heart shape. Cook well with ghee or butter and serve with beetroot raita (which would also be pink in colour!). And your romantic + nutritious meal is ready to serve!

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Do you know any other easy-to-make snacks to prepare for your partner? Let us know in the comments below!


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