Have Some Leftover Puran Poli? Make Aamti – Maharashtrian Dal – With It

By now, we all have gotten into the habit of reusing leftover food. The months-long lockdown during 2020 and 2021 have taught us how to utilise the given resources to the fullest. Today, we do not flip the excess food in the trash. Instead, we try to go creative and prepare something interesting for the next meal. If you scroll through the internet, you will find many such unique recipes prepared with leftover roti, rice, dal, sabzi and more. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the experimentation is still on. We tend to experiment with different ingredients on a daily basis. During one such research, we came across a recipe that left us in complete awe. And hence, we thought of sharing it with you. It’s a hearty aamti (dal) recipe made with leftover puran – the stuffing used to prepare Maharashtrian classic puran poli. Sounds quite exciting, right?

What is Puran Poli?

If you are even remotely privy to Maharashtrian cuisine, then you must have heard of puran poli. It is a classic Indian sweet dish that has managed to carve its own identity in the world of halwa, laddoo and barfi. Puran poli is a sweet bread that includes a delicious dal filling inside. It resembles stuffed paratha and is made with maida, dal, ghee and sugar (or jaggery). Quintessentially, puran poli is served hot with a dollop of ghee on the top. The balance of flavours and the soft yet firm texture makes the dish simply irresistible. What we enjoy the most is the fact that puran poli melts in the mouth instantly. Here we bring you the classic puran poli recipe to replicate at home. Click here to know more.

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What is Aamti?

To put it simply, aamti is a Maharashtrian-style dal, served with rice and bhakri. An authentic aamti is prepared with chana dal, kokum, Maharashtrian goda masala and a host of other spices. It is then tempered with chillies, mustard seeds and curry leaves. It is delicious and wholesome at the same time. And we just love the uncomplicated way in which the flavours unite in this dish. Besides, the earthy aroma gives aamti an additional edge. Here’s the authentic aamti recipe for you.

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How to make aamti with leftover puran (of puran poli):

As mentioned earlier, we no more dispose of extra food in the dustbin, instead, prepare something unique with it. Here, we will talk about how you can make Maharashtrian-style daal – aamti – with the extra puran left after making puran poli.

To make the dish, we need leftover puran (dal stuffing), kokum paste, goda masala, garam masala, haldi, curry leaves, green chillies, coriander, salt, mustard seeds and some oil.

Start with diluting the puran with some water. Add kokum paste, goda masala, garam masala, salt and haldi to it. Mix everything well. Then prepare a tadka with curry leaf, green chilli, and mustard seeds and add the puran mix to it. Boil it well and serve hot. And if you find the puran mix to be extremely sweet (which it is actually not in most cases), add some boiled chana dal while preparing the puran-goda masala mix. Click here for the recipe.

Do try this recipe at home and let us know how you liked it.

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