Florida Woman Finds Cockroach In Her Meal, Food Outlet Faces Enquiry 

Let’s admit, most of us look for reasons to gobble down our favourite meals. Agree? Umm, at least, we do. While our darling mothers try their level best to feed us home–cooked nutritious food, our cravings guide us to our favourite restaurants and food outlets. Well, this incident, which took place in Florida, US, might make you think twice before eating outside. Haile M Kirkland, in a Facebook post, shared how she found a cockroach cooked with her chicken at a food outlet, located at Nine Mile Road in Pensacola. That’s not it. The reaction of the manager was just unbelievable. As per Haile, he “could care less.” Terming her experience “disgusting”, Haila called out the food outlet for its “unprofessional” behaviour. 

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Sharing a video of her meal which features the cooked cockroach, Haile wrote, “Had a cockroach cooked into my chicken at Slim Chickens on 9 mile in Pensacola and the manager could care less. He said ‘oops sorry, like what if you want a refund or something.’ Very disgusting and unprofessional.” 

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Haile also added a bunch of videos, which are allegedly from the kitchen of the same food outlet. The clips also showcased cockroaches on the containers, floor, plug point and everywhere around. “New videos are from the kitchen sent to me from an employee. This place is gross,” she added. 

Take a look: 

People were disgusted by the sight of Haila’s meal as well as the kitchen. “Well now I wanna puke. We just ate there an hour ago,” an individual wrote. 

Another said, “Omg that’s so disgusting.” “Damn man… I liked them.”

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As per a report by Fox Business, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (BBPR) visited the restaurant and reportedly spotted nearly 20 dead roaches in the store. 

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