Ever Heard Of Black Noodles? This Unique Thai Dish Has Left Internet Confused


There is no dearth of unique food content on the internet. Be it unique recipes, food challenges or bizarre food combinations, you’ll find plenty of such videos all over social media. While some of them are quite interesting and helpful, others are simply bizarre and often leave us confused. Recently, we came across another such video that has stunned the internet. The viral video shows a woman making Thailand’s “unique street food”. Wondering what’s so unique about it? Well, the woman can be seen making black-coloured noodles and desi foodies are not quite impressed with it.

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The video was shared by an Instagram food page that goes by the name ‘ourcollection’. In the clip, we can see a woman putting some black noodles on a plate and adding some spices on top of it. She then adds the noodles to a pan, which already had shrimps, onions, chillies and basil leaves frying in it. She mixes everything together and adds some more chillies on top before serving it on a white plate. “Unique Street Food of Thailand #reels #streetfood #thailand #bangkok #food,” read the caption of the post. Check out the full video here:

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Since being shared, the video has amassed over 5 million views, 97.9 K likes and thousands of comments. Desi foodies were not quite impressed with this unique street food from Thailand. Some people even compared the black noodles with earthworms and snakes. Check out some of the reactions below:

“Was it only me who thought they were worms?”

“These are baby snakes.”

“I was waiting for the noodles to start crawling.” 

“That’s black squid ink pasta actually looks yummy though.”

“New virus cooked with some oil, chilli and other species.”

“They even make venom noodles.”

What do you think of this video? Would you try these noodles? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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