‘Dehumanizing’ life ‘comes naturally to British elite’ like Prince Harry

Experts have just bashed Prince Harry for allegedly ‘dehumanizing life’ in a way that “comes naturally to British elite.”

Filmmaker and journalist Ahmed Twaij, made this admission in an op-ed for the Al Jazeera.

He believes, “Instead of trying to create a pity story for the profoundly wealthy couple now living in California, the media should be highlighting how Harry, in his book, described almost with pride that he killed 25 people in Afghanistan during his stint there with the military.”

“Harry has confessed to thinking of those he shot from his attack helicopter as ‘chess pieces’ to be removed from the board. That isn’t a surprise: After all, in 2013, he said ‘playing PlayStation and Xbox’ made him a better military pilot.”

Dehumanising the lives of Afghans and others in the Global South of course comes naturally to the British elite. Dead Afghans are merely a statistic to them. Harry’s ancestors have led repeated invasions into Afghanistan since 1838, killing an untold number of Afghans.”

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