‘Cocaine Bear’ will make my mom mind lost: Elizabeth Banks

‘Cocaine Bear’ will make my mom mind lost: Elizabeth Banks

Cocaine Bear director Elizabeth Banks has packed a surprise for everyone in the film, especially for her mom.

During an interview with Variety, “no one knows what to make of [the movie when I tell them about it.”

“My poor mother is the least informed,” she continued. “She’s going to go with my aunts, and they’re going to lose their minds.

“I told her she’s going to be mad. She will laugh, and she’s going to love Margo Martindale and Isiah Whitlock Jr, and the dog. Not enough people talk about the dog, Rosette. She’ll love those parts, but she’ll close her eyes for a lot of it.”

Banks-helmed Cocaine Bear stars Keri Russell Matthew Rhys, Margo Martindale, O’Shea Jackson Jr, Alden Ehrenreich, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

The movie follows a black bear in Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia, as he consumes much-lost cocaine and gets out of control.

Cocaine Bear will hit to the theatres on 24 February. 

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