BTS’ Jungkook ‘makes a comeback’ amid military enlistment


BTS Jungkook influenced the US Billboard Charts with album Golden
BTS’ Jungkook influenced the US Billboard Charts with album ‘Golden’

BTS’ Jungkook made a comeback, largely dominating the US Billboard charts, with his solo album GOLDEN making its way to the Billboard 200, securing the 71st position.

His fans hosted a re-comeback party on X, formerly known as Twitter. The platform is currently abuzz with hashtags and chants “Jungkook is back” on trending.

The album’s title track Standing Next to You ranked 94th on the prestigious Hot 100, enjoying the limelight on the chart for 13 consecutive weeks.

Jungkook continued to shine through his appearance on the Global 200 and Global (excluding the U.S.) charts.

Many of his songs conquered the charts, with Seven (feat. Latto) securing the 28th position, Standing Next to You ranking at 31st, as well as 3D (feat. Jack Harlow) holding the 88th spot on the Global 200.

Speaking of the Global (excluding the U.S.), Jungkook’s international appeal made his tracks secure higher positions. Seven secured 21st, Standing Next to You at 25th, and 3D charted at 57th.

Jungkook is currently serving his 18-month military duty in South Korea starting December 2023 alongside V, Jimin, and RM.

BTS towered over the music industry with its growing fan base. Their army didn’t let the band stay out of the spotlight for long, with Jimin’s track holding the spot for an impressive 45 weeks.


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