BTS’ J-Hope explains how J. Cole helped change his mindset


BTS have been fans of J. Cole for a long time
BTS have been fans of J. Cole for a long time

J-Hope from K-pop group BTS discusses how American rapper J. Cole changed his mindset about his language barrier. The two collaborated recently for J-Hope’s new track On the Street.

J-Hope and BTS have both been long-term fans of the rapper, and J-Hope has even called him his idol. Fans grew emotional after the announcement that he would be collaborating with an artist who has been his muse.

To celebrate the release of the track, J-Hope went live to chat with his fans about the song and share some stories. He revealed that he exchanged numbers with J. Cole after he went back to Korea, and texted him apologizing for his limited use of English.

In return the American rapper reassured him, saying that compared to his grasp of Korean, J-Hope’s English was much better. The latter admitted that he hadn’t thought of it that way, and it changed his perspective on the language barrier.


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