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As we stand on the threshold of spring kicking in and gloomy winter days slowly fading out, it’s time for one to switch up the aesthetics of your place from the comfortable and cosy rugs now stacking up in cabinets, to ornamental plants and boho decor pieces taking over. Over the last few months, we’ve been witnessing the same four walls, our houses are in utter need of a refresh. 

Here we list down some best ways in which one can get their home spring ready without burning a hole in their pocket. 

1). Revamp your walls

Does the thought of going DIY excite you? Well then get out from your comfy couch pick up your laptop open B&Q order a paint bucket and get going. Paint your heart on your walls, turn around the roller in any direction you want and get those desired results straight out on your walls. After all, it’s pretty painless, relatively inexpensive, and—should something go horribly wrong—easy to fix. 

Too afraid of the paint sticking to your hands? Or do you disapprove of the stinky paint smell? But still, want to revamp your walls? Well, wallpapers are to your rescue. 

Hit the buy now icon and order a wallpaper of your liking, move your furniture around and stick it up. Ta-Da! All new and fresh! 

Additionally, you can also add funky posters or soothing frame art as per choice to give it all a nice finishing touch. 

2). Switch to DIY decor pieces

Create a lovely flower chandelier to display the springtime blooms over your table for a party decoration or as a quick centrepiece for a romantic evening or Remove all of the outdated Christmas decorations from your home’s exterior and replace them with a few new plants and a DIY stencilled doormat beside your front entrance to instantly modernise your porch.

Pick up your favourite among the million ideas available, play a youtube tutorial and get started with bringing out your hidden Picasso or MF Hussain. 

Paint a Jar to your liking stuff it with some fairy lights and you’re good to go or pick up a flower pot and update it as per your liking.

3). Update your lighting 

Light Fixture makeovers are one of the best and the easiest way to make your space look trendier, increase its usability and give it an altogether different look. Making an update in lighting can have an impact on one’s interior and the overall style of the house. 

There is a tonne of methods to modernise the lighting inside and outside of your home, from switching to energy-efficient LED lighting to choosing a more modern lighting design and fixtures. The new and improved aesthetics of your spaces will not only surprise your visitors; switching to LED will also enable you to save money on energy bills.

Choose from a variety of LED edge-lit downlights, dimmable LEDs, vintage-style LED filament bulbs, and more LED lighting solutions for your new lighting design. You can also go for a more contemporary vibe, keep it simple and streamlined, or go for a boho look with your lighting fixtures, or whatever matches your personal style. The variations are possibly endless. 

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4). Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is the one space in your house that must be fully practical (okay, the bathroom, too). The kitchen should be functional and attractive, but it should also be the centre of the house. Fortunately, they don’t preclude one another. No matter how antiquated and hopeless a kitchen may seem, everything is achievable with a few power tools, a lot of hard work, and an eye for design. There are many ways you can redesign one of the most used rooms in your house, whether you’re looking for modest or expansive kitchen makeover ideas, Simple adjustments like repainting your cabinets a new colour, changing the hanging lighting fixtures, or updating your backsplash may make a significant difference. Hop over to a tutorial video, make your pointers and get started!

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5). Bathroom Upgrade
Although replacing sinks, tubs, and toilets might be pricey, there are alternative ways to update your bathroom. Bathrooms are frequently left feeling somewhat bland and lifeless. 

Consider this a blank canvas that you can decorate as you like. You can think about using art, paint, storage, mirrors and lighting, hardware, and accessories to give your bathroom the style you want.

As simple as upgrading your shower curtain to the complex task of painting your ceiling any minor or major change can create a big difference in the overall look of your comfort place. Do some research, sort out some ideas and get in the stuff you might need and you’re all set for the change, cause as they say, change is the only constant. 

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