Added Extra Chilli To Your Curry? Balance The Heat With These Quick Tips


What is that one element that makes Indian food stand out in the lot? It’s the extensive usage of spices and chillies. Indian dishes are incomplete without chillies. Don’t you agree? Chillies not only add heat to a recipe, but also treat our palate with a burst of flavours. But, have you ever faced a situation where your food turned spicier than you expected? Let’s agree, most of us have been there at some point, which turned the dish into a cooking disaster. While we do not support throwing it to the trash, it gets hard our your gut when consumed. What do you do then? We say, check out these easy hacks and tone down the heat of the dish, instantly.

Celebrity Chef Pankaj Bhadouria, in an Instagram post, shared an easy tip to fix the extra spice in the food. In the short clip, she suggested, to reduce the spice in any dish, we would need dairy or milk products. For instance, the chef said in a gravy paneer dish you can add a spoon or two of cream. Similarly, you can also use curd. Now, if you are preparing a “sukhi sabji”, you can add desi ghee to tone down the spice. 

“Pankaj Ke Nuskhe :  How to reduce chilli in a dish? Tujhko mirchi lagi to mai kya karu? Main laayi hu aapke liye ek aisa Nuskha jisse mirchi aapko swaad anusar lagegi (I have got you a hack following which you will be able to control the spice quotient of your food),” she wrote, alongside the video post. 

Watch the clip here:

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Earlier, Pankaj Bhadouria shared another such clip where she explained certain useful hacks to balance the salt in a dish. She said, “Pankaj ke Nuskhe: How to balance Excess Salt in Dishes! If you have over-salted your dish, here is a simple nuskha of how you can fix it!”

2 Ways To Balance Salt In A Dish, Explains Pankaj Bhadouria:

1. If you end up adding a lot of salt in a gravy-rich curry or dal, knead some dough and make tiny roundels. Place the pan of curry or dal on the stove and turn it on. Now, add a dough roundel into the pan and let it cook. These dough balls will soak all the excess salt from the dish.

2. For dry sabzi, add a tangy ingredient to the dish, like lemon juice or curd. You can also opt for tomato gravy to balance the salt.

Keep these quick tips handy and save your dish from turning into a disaster. Enjoy your meal! 

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