A ‘Fitness Chef’ Shares How To Slash 1000 Calories From Your Favourite Fast Food


When planning a healthy meal, burgers, pizzas, and fries are usually among the first items we remove from our diet. These fast foods, also known as junk foods, can add excess calories to your meal, leading to weight gain, diabetes, and other health problems. However, what if we told you that you can still enjoy these fast foods while on a diet? Recently, a content creator named Graeme Tomlinson, also known as “The Fitness Chef,” shared some clever tips on Instagram for guilt-free indulgence. Tomlinson created info-graphics that reduce the calorie count of popular meals served at fast-food chains like McDonald’s and KFC. Intrigued?

“Consumption of food from Burger King will not make you overweight. Indulging in food from KFC should not result in self-loathing and failure. Chomping down a Subway on the go does not require subsequent punishment. Instead, our understanding of what we eat can serve to educate us regarding its viability in our diet,” The Fitness Chef wrote alongside the post. He further explained that being overweight has nothing to do with just calorie-dense foods; instead, it is our overall “diet management” that needs to be taken care of. “Overall dietary intake, including portion selection and energy expenditure will dictate our body composition. Not whether we include McDonald’s in our diet or not… My post illuminates how a selection of different options can result in significantly different energy intakes over time,” he added.

Tomlinson also stated that these junk foods may “temporarily” affect your desired nutritional goal. But, if you consume sufficient nutrients and “balance energy elsewhere”, then eating a burger or pizza will not affect much.

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In the post, Tomilson shared a bunch of info-graphics, comparing the calories in popular fast foods and how to slash them down.

Graphic 1: By swapping a Grand Big Mac, large fries, and large Coca-Cola from McDonald’s with a Big Mac, medium fries, and Diet Coke, you can reduce the total calorie count from 1349 to 831.

Graphic 2: Instead of consuming a double Whopper, large fries, and a large strawberry milkshake from Burger King, try a Whopper, regular fries, and a strawberry sundae for a total of 1018 calories, compared to 2104.

Graphic 3: Opting for a Quarter Pounder with cheese, medium fries, and a large Coke Zero from McDonald’s instead of a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, large fries, and a large Coca-Cola will bring the calorie count down from 1395 to 845.

Graphic 4: A Bacon Double Cheeseburger and large Coke Zero from Burger King, replacing a Bacon King burger and large Coca-Cola, will help you cut down calories from 1321 to 443.

Graphic 5: Instead of a Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin with a latte from McDonald’s, consider a Regular Sausage and Egg McMuffin with regular cappuccino for 520 calories, compared to 748.

Graphic 6: Replacing KFC’s Mighty Bucket for One with large Pepsi with Large Chicken Popcorn, regular BBQ beans, and Diet Pepsi will bring down the calorie count from 1670 to 570.

Graphic 7: Instead of indulging in McDonald’s Big Tasty Bacon Burger with large fries and a large banana shake, try a Bacon Double Cheeseburger with medium fries and a small banana milkshake for a total of 1009 calories, compared to 1748.

Graphic 8: By replacing a footlong Subway Meatball Marinara with an Oreo muffin and 500ml Sprite with a 6-inch Subway Meatball Marinara, chocolate chunk cookie, and 500ml Sprite Zero, you can bring down the calorie count from 1711 to 797.

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In total, you can cut a total of 12046 calories to almost half (6033 calories) with some simple, smart moves, he added.

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