7 Genius hacks to make your kitchen stand-out

Undoubtedly kitchens have become the focal point of every house – a space where you can flaunt your taste, lifestyle and class. No longer are kitchen spaces of pure functionality but aesthetics have found their way here too. Therefore paying attention to design, layout and colour is quite critical. 

Your kitchen must have every element from fun to functional and from conventional to contemporary. And most importantly, it must have a luxe touch to it.

Renovating a kitchen to look expensive can be pretty daunting. But with the right tips and tricks you can achieve your goal without sweating. Here are 7 ideas to renovate your kitchen and give it a rich touch!

Neutral Shades FTW!

With a new coat of paint, you can instantly transform your kitchen. The wealthy prefer lighter colours like champagne, beige, and pastel tones. Consider using darker colours, such as charcoal and teal, that integrate well with the overall aesthetics and give your kitchen an opulent appearance if you have a modular kitchen with many cabinets and storage possibilities. However, if you are limited in space, think about going with a white colour scheme. White will reflect light and enlarge the appearance of your kitchen. You can paint the cabinets for a visible change if you don’t want to paint the entire kitchen. Although wallpaper is a more affordable alternative, a good background wall can increase the value of your kitchen.

Accessorise your Cabinets

Upgrade your kitchen with contemporary fixtures if you are happy with the cabinets and shelves you currently have. Replace your door knobs, handles, and hinges with beautiful items in vibrant colours. Just make sure to get items that properly suit your cabinets. Also, don’t be scared to use shining nickel or unlacquered brass with other metals. Simple and economical to boot! Add in accessories like candlesticks or maybe lanterns to match the aesthetics

Upgrade your Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are quite the fashion statement. If you want to improve your kitchen, spend your money here after cabinetry. It’s a fantastic way to flaunt your sense of fashion and taste. Go crazy and experiment with patterns or materials, such as penny tiles, herringbone, or concrete. 

Let the lights do the magic

When designing a kitchen, lighting is sometimes the part that is most overlooked. With outdated light fixtures, you can’t get a truly opulent appearance. Low hanging lights, especially those above kitchen countertops, islands, and adjacent dining spaces, give the impression of a higher ceiling. You can utilise a pair or a cluster of pendant lights, which are another excellent choice. Another technique to make your kitchen appear pricey is by using dimmers. At dinnertime, low lighting creates a cosy, gloomy glow for an intimate setting.

Play with Marbles

One cannot deny the appeal of marble in the kitchen. It enhances the area’s elegance and provides a touch of luxury. Do not worry if your countertops are not marble. You may use this material for its intended use—luxury—with the aid of a few tricks. All you have to do is incorporate a few hints of it into your existing kitchen. You may create a little baking area in your kitchen using a pre-cut piece of marble. Marble tiles can be used to update a section of the kitchen floor or to create a stylish backsplash. Additionally, marble complements almost any colour scheme, even a small amount of it may make your kitchen appear much more expensive.

Add Modular Cabinets

If you currently have drab wooden cabinets and stone-topped shelves in your kitchen, it’s time to switch to modular kitchen units. They are versatile, available with numerous of storage possibilities, add a statement to your kitchen and make your kitchen look costly. If you want to create a big impression, think about investing in a modular kitchen unit.

Include a Kitchen Island cum Breakfast Stand

You might have noticed if you watch reality cooking shows that every kitchen that looks trendy or costly includes an island or breakfast bar that helps it stand out. Utilize any unused space you have by installing one in your kitchen, and you’ll see a difference right away. For that ethereally opulent appearance, don’t forget to take into account a marble countertop.

A kitchen renovation may appear like a difficult and laborious task. However, if you have good taste, even the smallest things may make your ordinary kitchen look expensive! Trust Bauhaus to provide the perfect types of equipment at your disposal. 

Have fun remodelling! We wish you a kitchen worth a million dollars.

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