7 Amazing Ways To Re-Use Leftover Vegetable And Fruit Peels


‘Eat fruits and vegetables’ is advice we have heard since our childhood. Our elders would highlight the benefits of various seasonal produce and encourage us to eat them for good health. But as we grew up, we realised that not just the fruit itself but even the peels are highly nutritious. It is often said that the maximum nutrition is contained in the peels and the nutrient density actually decreases as we peel off the layers of the fruit. Isn’t it a tragedy that we discard and avoid using peels entirely? Worry not, we have found some amazing ways to reuse leftover vegetable and fruit peels to add health and taste to your diet. These are tips and tricks that will allow you to reduce your kitchen waste while also adding taste and nutrition to your diet.

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Here Are 7 Amazing Ways To Re-Use Leftover Vegetable And Fruit Peels:

1. Add Flavour To Drinks:

Yes, you heard that right! Fruit peels like orange can actually enhance the flavour of your drink. Next time you make a cocktail or a mocktail, add a fruit peel you were about to discard and see the difference. This would work with vegetable peels as well, such as cucumber.

2. Soup It Up:

Don’t want the bitter flavour profile of peels in your drink? Try and soup it up instead. For instance, use onion peels in the making of soup without discarding them. Sometimes, the peels would actually get absorbed into the broth without our tastebuds even realising it. Plus, the soup’s health quotient also increases.

3. For Detox Tea:

Looking for a quick home remedy for weight loss or immunity? Fruit and vegetable peels are your answer. Simply boil some water and add peels of fruits like pomegranate to it. You will get an instant herbal detox tea that will rejuvenate your system and also help detox it. Click here for a detox pineapple tea recipe made with the peels of tropical fruit.

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4. Crispy Chips:

Potato peels indeed are as versatile as the vegetable itself, which is why potato peel crisps are one of our favourite ways to reuse them. Simply add the peels to a baking tray covered with parchment paper and drizzle some olive oil and sea salt on top. Bake till crisp and enjoy!

5. Make Broth or Stock:

Got too many peels in one batch and wondering what to do with them?! Broth or stock comes to the rescue. The humble vegetable stock can be prepared using vegetable peels as well as whole vegetables, so why not recycle your last batch? You can use the broth in the making of soups, curries, gravies and more.

6. Powder Them:

Several food bloggers and cooks have shared these hacks online. Basically, what you need to do is dry up the peels using sunlight or dry heat in a convection oven. Powder them up in a blender and add this powder to your salads, soups or any other dish that you may want to spruce up. Click here for more details on this.

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7. Use Them At Home:

If all else fails, you can always find alternative uses for peels at home. Cucumber peels can be applied directly on the skin to soothe acne. Meanwhile, onion peels can act as good cleansing agents too. Sometimes, we can even make a special sabzi with peels. Click here for a quick and easy sabzi recipe made with watermelon peels.

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So next time before you toss away those peels, keep these tips handy and bring them into use in the kitchen!

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