5 Unique Kathal (Jackfruit) Recipes That You Will Surely Relish

Jackfruit (or kathal) is one of the most popular tropical fruits in the country and is also touted to be largest tree-borne fruit in the world. Did you know a single kathal can weigh as much as 36kgs? Kathal has multiple health benefits, including boosting immunity and regulating blood pressure. The yellow spiky exterior gives way to a fleshy interior that is used in various different ways in cooking. In the North of India, kathal is popularly consumed as kathal ki sabzi. The humble kathal also finds its way into biryanis, acting as an excellent vegetarian substitute thanks to its meaty texture. The juicy jackfruit can be used to make many delightful recipes. For instance, in the South, they have Jackfruit chips and so much more. We have found some delicious and unique ways that you can use this vegetable in your cooking! These recipes are not your usual kathal recipes and will surely take your cooking a notch higher.  

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Here Are 5 Unique Kathal Recipes That You Will Surely Relish: 

1. Kathal Ka Achaar

Yes, there is actually an achaar that you can make with kathal! Jackfruit chunks are marinated in oil and loaded with red chillies to give one of the spiciest pickles that you can possibly make. The addition of mustard oil further adds a delicious zing to this wonderful pickle. Click here for the recipe.  

Kathal can be turned into a lip-smacking achaar. 

2. Jackfruit Slider

The best thing about kathal is its texture, and this slider makes the best of it. While usually these sliders or bruschettas are made with chicken or meat, you can actually give them a vegan twist. A hearty jackfruit mixture is prepared and spread on top of toasted bread to make a wonderful appetiser. Find the full recipe here.  

3. Kathal Ke Kebab

Love kebabs? We bet you’ll relish these wholesome kebabs made with kathal, chana dal and spices. Trust us, you have got to make this recipe that is simply drool-worthy. Relish it with aam ki chutney or even a flavourful pudina chutney! Click here for the recipe.  

4. Andhra-Style Kathal

Andhra Pradesh is home to some of the spiciest curries, and this Kathal recipe is no different. Known as ‘Panasa Puttu Koora’, it is best served with piping hot steamed rice. Chopped onion, crushed red chillies and tamarind water come together to make this delightful curry.  Find the full recipe here.  

5. Kathal Korma  

From mutton korma to navrattan korma, there are so many korma recipes that we simply adore. If you’re a korma fan too, you have got to try this Kathal korma that spells luscious with every bite. With chopped onions, cashews, almonds and curd – this indulgent recipe is best paired with naan or roti. Click here for the full recipe.  

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