5 Kitchen Spices That Help Induce Good Night Sleep – Expert Shares Herbal Tea Recipe

We all need a good-night sleep after a long, tiring day. It helps us recover from mental, as well as physical exertion. In fact, getting an adequate amount of sleep is essential for overall well-being. Several studies from across the world have found that a person needs an average of seven to eight hours of sleep for proper functioning. But let’s agree, many of us struggle to sleep at night. Are you someone who spends the whole night tossing and turning in your bed? Do sleepless nights keep you tired and lethargic the next day? Your stress is to be blamed for the same. Currently, we live in a time of extreme stress. With our offices moving into our bedrooms, boundaries between work and personal life have blurred. This has resulted in increased anxiety, and sleep issues and, unfortunately your health pays the price.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, one out of three adults occasionally experiences insomnia (sleep disorder). What do you do then? We say resort to alternative ways that may help induce a good night’s sleep. No, we are not talking about the drugs available in the market. Why resort to medicine when we have natural alternatives to try?! And you do not need to go miles to find those natural alternatives. Just take a tour to your kitchen, open the spice rack and you have the medicine right in front! You heard us. Here, we bring you some spice and herb options that are known to have sleep-inducing properties.

Here’re 5 Herbs And Spices That May Help You Get Good Night Sleep:

Jeera (Cumin Seeds):

Jeera is possibly one of the most influential spices in your kitchen. It helps promote digestion, boost metabolism, prevent acid reflux and more. That’s not all. Jeera is known to aid sleep as well. The essential oils jeera is known to have tranquilising effects, which further helps ease stress and anxiety – two common causes of insomnia. You may brew some jeera tea at night to relax your nerves and sleep well.

Jaiphal (Nutmeg):

Nutmeg oil is known to work as a sedative that helps calm down our nerves and relieves the body of stress. This may help in both inducing sleep effectively and improving sleep quality too. You can add a pinch of nutmeg in haldi doodh and drink it before you go to sleep.

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Nutmeg or jaiphal can help induce a good night’s sleep. Photo: iStock

Pudina (Mint Leaves):

Pudina is known to have calmative properties that help may help relieve stress and anxiety. The menthol present in mint is known to be a muscle relaxant and is antispasmodic in nature. This further helps relax your muscle and sleep peacefully. Drink a cup of soothing mint tea before hitting the bed and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Saunf (Fennel Seeds):

Saunf is also known to have calmative properties that may help relax your muscles, including your digestive muscles. This may further induce a good night’s sleep and treat insomnia. Hence, experts often suggest drinking a glass of fennel water just before going to sleep at night.

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Fennel is a great way to load up on good health and sleep too. Photo: iStock


Ashwagandha has been a part of traditional medical practice since time immemorial. It is known as an adaptogenic herb that helps our body to fight any kind of stress and anxiety. Besides, the roots of ashwagandha are also known to aid overall immunity, strength and vitality. Prepare a glass of moon milk (ashwagandha milk) and enjoy the benefits to the fullest. Click here for the recipe. 

Now that you have the list of herbs and spices that help induce good night sleep, we suggest, including them in your diet and preventing insomnia and other sleep disorder. But always remember, moderation is the key.

Here, we bring you an herbal tea recipe that you can include in your night ritual, just before hitting the bed. The recipe has been shared by nutritionist Luke Coutinho on his official Instagram handle. According to Luke, all you need to do is boil water with a dash of freshly ground nutmeg, a dash of cinnamon and one tbsp of fennel seeds. Boil well and bring it to half, strain the water and take a sip.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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